Next Time You’re in Singapore Stay in Duo Residences

Khazanah Nasional LogoOne of the most wonderful places I have been to is duo residences. I went to Singapore a year ago and my stay there was amazing. The hotel had a wonderful staff. When I checked in they carried my stuff to my room and helped me move my furniture the way I wanted it. Then the staff brought me an extra refrigerator right when I asked for it. The room I got had a wonderful view, I could see the pool and the ocean was right in the background. I could not have asked for a more pleasant stay. I will definitely be staying in duo residences anytime I am in the Singapore area. Even if it means traveling a bit out of the way, the stay was absolutely worth it and the price is fairly affordable. There is nothing that should stop you from coming to this area, it is very safe and they have security guards posted at every entrance so there is no risk of being rushed by some random person.