Sort of Running a Little Kennel

Electronic metal wholesale price power supply box+fast delivery+high ...I am not sure how this really happened. At first I just got a job helping out this girl I was dating at the time. She was running a dog and cat grooming service out of her garage and she got a lot of business. In fact she hired me to go pick up the pets from a lot of her really rich clients. I would drive my beat up old pick up truck to Bel Air and Malibu, those people would look at you side ways. She could get pet supplies at wholesale prices though and I started out by doing that, sort of selling premium dog food on the side and other stuff. Over time I got to be acquainted with a lot of her clients and it turned into a business for me as well. The girl and I eventually broke up, but not in some sort of dramatic Chris Brown sort of way. We just stopped seeing one another and moved on with no real drama at all.

In fact we are still sending each other business, because I sort of work the big end of the pet market for the most part. I deal in bigger dogs and she does the little toy dogs. Of course I have never really been afraid of dogs and that comes in handy for this sort of thing, because I am pretty much taking care of dogs that you would get to scare off people away from your fifty million dollar mansion. They have to be groomed up to a point the same as any other dog, but most of these pet grooming services do not really want to deal with a dog that could probably rip your arm off if you made it mad at you for some reason.