Planning out the New Project

Planning out the new project for Mr White. He came by this morning and showed me a bunch of photos of an old truck. It was an International Harvester, an old farm truck that was apparently built some time ago, around the year 1950 I guess. It is big vehicle, and he wants us to do some really fancy work to it. He already went to this site, and bought this really expensive air horn system. The thing is pretty ridiculous to be honest about it and I was totally shocked when I looked it up and realized what he had paid for it. Of course he had not paid that for it as it turned out. He has bought it second hand at a car show. The guy who bought it had not really realized what it would require to install this thing in the car he owned.

It has a little air compressor and if you put it in a car, then the only thing you could do is to mount it in the trunk of the car. That is not going to take up a huge part of the trunk, but it is going to be more than you want to give up. He had a smaller car, which meant that you are giving up so much trunk space that you can not get much practical use of the thing. I can not see the point of the thing myself, but it is not my money and it is not my truck. I guess that when get done it is going to look really nice. All of these old trucks did have these sorts of horns mounted on the roof of the cab too. It is not like this is something which is out of thin air.