Making Just As Much Money at Home

When my boss told me that he had to make some hard decisions, I knew he was preparing me for the worst. Business had not been as busy in the last year, and that meant that there were going to have to be cuts made. Knowing that my job was not going to last much longer, I decided to start searching for a new one. I decided to look at work from home jobs first, because I was tired of having to be at the mercy of someone else for my work.

I figured if I was able to work for a few different companies. then I would be able to rely only on myself for work.

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Searcing for Criminals in the Store

I am the owner of a mini mall in the San Francisco area. The mall gets a lot of business, and that also means that there are a lot of people who try to steal things. The age of people committing the crime of shoplifting ranges from little kids to people in their old age. They do it for various reasons, and it’s hard for me to catch them all myself. That’s why I hired security guards for San Francisco shop owners. The guards walk around the shop to monitor for any suspicious activity, and when they catch it, they apprehend the criminal and take him in the back while the authorities arrive.

Since getting the guards, I’ve caught a lot more people shoplifting than ever before. The guards also watch the store on security cameras that are placed around various points of the mini mall.

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