Energy Savings and Better Appliances

Most people don’t realize that they have an option when it comes to energy providers. Sure, there are some cases where a particular area only has one provider acting in a monopoly situation, but generally, most area have multiple choices. Unless you are forced to do so, there really is no reason to say with a bad provider when a better option is out there. When I realized this, I started looking for a better provider for my own energy, which led to me finding Reliant in Midland.

The people at Reliant have been more than cooperative in helping me become a user of their energy services .My old energy provider was doing everything imaginable to get me to stay, from slashing prices right and left, to even offering me a yer of free credit. While their offerings were tempting, it was a case of too little, too late. They chose to offer substandard services at unfair prices, and now they have to deal with the consequences.

Having a better, lower priced energy provider left me with a lot more extra money each month. I put the money in my savings account and let it accumulate over a few months. I was saving the money to buy a new refrigerator. The refrigerator I was using had been in my home for nearly 20 years. Since I bought that refrigerator, there have been a lot of advancements in home appliances. My goal was to buy a stainless steel refrigerator with a built in ice maker, ice crusher, and water dispenser. I had my eye on a particular model that costs $300. As the weeks went by, I could feel myself getting closer to my goal. When I saved enough money, I went to the local appliance store and told the sale representative exactly which one I wanted.

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