Learning About Clean Energy Sources

I decided to look online to get more information about the TXU Energy plan I was signed up under. I did a search for visit site TXU and was able to find what I needed quickly enough. When I got to the site, I wanted to find out as much as I could about renewable energy. My kids have learned about green energy in school, and I was not able to answer all of their questions because I simply did not know the answers. My kids are pretty persistent though, so I wanted to get the information they were asking about.

I could have called their customer service department because they are all so eager to help there, but I thought it would be more educational if we looked it up ourselves. We were able to learn about renewable energy on this site, and also how TXU Energy is one of the leaders in the industry as far as green energy is concerned. They have several different options for people who want to save this way. The TXU Energy Green Up can be used on any plan, and it simply means that the energy that is provided to a person under this plan is from wind sources.

I thought that this was really neat, but the kids wanted to know more about the different kinds of ways the energy company can provide green energy. They knew that wind energy was one of the ways, but they wanted to learn about solar farms, solar panels and water energy as well. It was really interesting finding out all the ways an energy company can service its green customers, and we made a decision as a family to switch to one of the clean energy options as well. The kids are really excited about this, and I am too!

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