My Husband Did the Right Thing by Hiring Someone

My husband is great at figuring out how to do many different things. I do not. My brain can figure out basic things, but when it comes to fixing cars, construction or technical things, I simply cannot understand how to do those things without being taught how to do them with some extensive education. Not so, when it comes to my husband. He simply looks things over for awhile and then fixes things or builds things easily. So, I was tickled when he had to find a painter in Bergen County NJ because he was struggling with painting the walls inside our home.

We had not painted our place in over 15 years. So, by the time we decided to do it, the walls looked faded and old. There were scratches and scuff throughout the paint. I could not stand to look at the walls anymore, and I knew the house needed the lift that fresh paint gives so easily. I spent a couple of weekends looking at decorating sites. I especially liked the sites that would show a photo of a room, and with a touch of a button, you could change the paint colors on the walls to see how it would look. I picked out all the pretty colors that we were going to use.

When my hubby started the painting the very next weekend, I was excited. But by the end of the day, he was worn out and frustrated by the sloppy job he had done. He said that it would be a mistake for him to try to complete the job. He wanted someone who knows what they’re doing to come help. He hired someone from a reputable company that is located just down the street from us. Two days later he showed up to start the work. Five days later, he was done. Our place never looked so good!

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