Really Hope I Get This Job

I spent all morning at the headquarters of TXU energy in Energy Plaza. Of course the guy I was there to see was half an hour late and he did not act as though the interview was all that big of a deal to him. Of course I was pretty nervous, because I have a lot of debts and the money that I have coming in does not get me out of that problem. I have a job which is basically just treading water, because it is a part time job for which I am way over qualified. In fact the manager of this place wants me to get this job as bad as I do. He knows I could do his job and he thinks that I might be willing to do it for less than he does. The people who call the shots would be very happy to cut him loose if that saved them a couple of dollars too. They are some ruthless people and I suppose that is how you are successful in business.

At any rate this is an entry level job in the computer maintenance section of their headquarters. It would basically be what I have been training for, or at least I would have the chance to get a spot with their IT department. This is basically where you are helping the real IT guys out and if you can cut it, then those guys will tell their bosses that you able to cut it if you can or they will tell them that you are not any good. Obviously I am pretty sure that I would be able to show them that I can do the job. If it does not go through I have a couple more things going on and I will probably find a good job sooner or later.

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