The Damage That a Single Tree Can Cause is Incredible

We have had the trees in our yard all the way back when my grandfather built the house. He told my dad to always have the trees pruned because they can get out of hand. Grandpa was one of those homeowners that fixed things on his own. Dad did a lot of the maintenance, but he did hire pro help where he had no expertise. Dad and mom sold the house to me when they moved south, and I am not handy at all. I failed to take care of some things and called for tree removal for Queens NY when a big one fell over in the front yard.

I always liked looking at the trees. I have enjoyed sitting under them for years. However, I know nothing about them. The tree guy told me it was an oak tree that fell. It was really heavy. A small piece felt like lead when I lifted it. It hit the sidewalk so hard that it broke the concrete and a branch drove into the ground. The roots pulled up the sidewalk, part of the curb and a piece of the pavement on the road. It fell at an angle and just missed the roof. It scraped up the brick on the front of the house and broke a window.

The yard was a wreck. The turf was all torn up. Not only did we have to call for tree removal for Queens NY, we had to call a building contractor to redo the sidewalk, the city to fix the road and a landscaper to fix the grass. We were able to scrub away the rub marks on the brick using the pressure washer I use to clean our cars. I had stayed inside waiting for the wind and rain to die down a bit before going out. I am glad I did. The tree could have fallen on me!

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