The Magician Was the Best Part of the Party

I wanted to do something fun for my kids’ birthday party. They are twins, and their seventh birthday party would be the first where they were having a lot of friends from school over. I thought of different things I could do that would not break the bank, and that is when my neighbor suggested that I look into kids birthday entertainers in Brisbane. I had actually considered getting them a magician, but I thought that it would be too expensive for my budget. She told me that she had been to a party where the magician performed, and she knew that family didn’t have a flexible budget either.

That gave me hope, so I went online to see if I could find the price for one of these entertainers to come to my girls’ party. I knew there would be at least 25 kids at the party, so I was really happy when I was given the price for a one hour show. I knew that I could swing that, and I got so excited about planning their party. We ended up having 29 kids and 12 adults, and it was just a perfect day for everyone.

I thought the girls would be most excited about their gifts, no matter what the rest of the day held. After all, they are just little girls, and they were given everything from dolls to games they really wanted. But, their favorite part of the entire day was the magician. In fact, he was the favorite part for everyone, including me. To see how well he interacted with all the kids, including the younger ones, was really nice to see. All of the kids even got a surprise gift at the end of the show, and that was definitely one of the highlights for them!

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