Two New Scales for Our Business

My husband and I own a large farm that produces quite a bit of food. We wanted to look at legal for trade scales since they are designed for commercial use. While we didn’t have our own store, we do set up a farmer’s market nearly every day. We would often sell things by the bag or bushel, but we had a lot of customers ask us if there was any way we could sell by weight instead. Some of them wanted a lot more than the bags offered, and others wanted a whole lot less.

Since we wanted to be fair not only to the customers but also to ourselves, we wanted to get a professional scale that we could weigh our produce on. We determined a fair price for everything from tomatoes and beans when sold by the pound to homemade treats like our delicious chocolate fudge made with our own goats’ milk. We decided to get two different scales, because we knew business was going to be booming and we wanted to be prepared. We also did not want our customers to wait in a long line if we only had one scale.

The first scale we purchased was the Detecto D60 price computing scale. The neat thing about this particular scale is that it is portable, so we can actually take it to different locations at the farmer’s market. The battery is always being charged, so we don’t have to worry about it not working one day. The second scale we got is the CAS S2000 Jr scale. This is the one that is used mostly for the desserts and treats that we make since we sell all of that by the pound too. Using these two scales has made our customers a lot happier since they can get the size of order that they want now, and they have also increased our bottom line too!

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